Shovel Bums in Auction

The newest Shovel Bums after visiting their first twenty-seven rock images at Soldier Pass Road site.

By Monthly Newsletter of URARA | Utah Rock Art Research Association

Sandy — The Archaeology Club at Blessed Sacrament School is back in action. SHPO archaeologists Ian Wright and Matthew Podolinsky paid a visit with a traveling display of pillaged artifacts that were later re-confiscated by law enforcement. Although the artifacts were of spectacular beauty, students learned that their removal from the site erased all context, thus eroding the scientific value of the objects. More importantly, the artifacts were looted from localities that Native Americans deem to be sacred space, thus the spiritual essence of the artifacts has been transgressed.

Later that week, Wright met the Shovel Bums at the Soldier Hollow Road site, where the students are set to steward and catalogue rock art and archaeological sites for BLM archaeologist, Mike Sheehan. It was the first time in the field for almost every one of the new Shovel Bums, and they had an outstanding time finding their first 27 rock art panels! As usual, the kids are grateful to their supportive family members, as the trip was possible only because chaperone-mom Lilla Ludwig and chaperone-grandma Chris Bogus were willing to transport club members off road to the site.